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What are unemployment benefits in Maryland? (How much do you get + more)

What are unemployment benefits in Maryland? (How much do you get + more)

Unemployment benefits or insurance is financial assistance to the unemployed whose status is due to no fault of their own. The beneficiary must meet Maryland’s eligibility to qualify and the assistance is temporary until one secures employment.

When you lose your job in Maryland, you can apply for unemployment benefits online or by phone through your local unemployment benefits claim center. When you look at the Maryland employment resources, you will see a phone number that is provided to speak to a live agent. If the lines are busy, provide your contact and the system will give you a callback. The amount you will get will be based on your base period.

What are unemployment benefits in Maryland?

The state of Maryland offers people some financial assistance when they lose their source of income for reasons beyond them. However, the state requires one to be eligible for these benefits. The benefits are available when one applies to the local unemployment benefits center and the application is approved. A person who applies is required to be actively seeking employment and be able and available to work. This is a drive to protect and safeguard Maryland residents by ensuring that they are cushioned even in hard times.

What is the unemployment benefit amount in Maryland?

The State gives weekly benefits amounts ranging from $50 to a maximum of $430. This amount is given every week for 12 months. No matter your base period amount, you can only get the amount between the ranges listed above. The money is primarily from payroll taxes and is used to cushion a person as they search for meaningful employment. Unemployment benefits are available for part-time workers and the unemployed alike. The bottom line is that both of these individuals must be available for work. The part-timer must also cover all the hours offered by the part-time employer which amounts to 20 hours every week.

How is Maryland’s weekly benefits amount calculated?

The state of Maryland calculates the amount to be paid based on one’s based period. The base period is 12 months from the time one lost their job. The amount one earned in the highest quarter of the base period is summed up and divided by 26. The amount is then rounded off to the nearest lower white dollar. The amount should be strictly equal to or lesser than the maximum amount permitted by the state. It should not go below the $50 minimum. If your application is successful, your account will be credited with the amount of money that you qualify for every week.

What types of unemployment benefits are there in Maryland?

There are mainly two types. There are full unemployment benefits and partial benefits. When a worker gets laid off, they are eligible for full benefits. However, there is a scenario where an employer decided to reduce work hours but still retain the employee. This is the alternative to laying-off employees. The employee is deemed as partially unemployed and can apply for partial benefits. The partial system is called work sharing or short-time compensation. This system saves the employer from the headache of new recruitment and one is still able to maintain a skilled workforce.

How to get Unemployment benefits correspondence in Maryland

You will receive all the information regarding your status on the claimant portal. However, this is not always a great way to receive immediate alerts. The state recommends that one chooses to email or text message channels for efficient delivery of information. If you do not do this, ensure that you check your claimant portal regularly for important notices. Letters will be sent to the address that you provide during your application. If you change your address, alert the department of unemployment assistance immediately.


The state of Maryland requires that one reports any earnings during any week that one works when the unemployment benefits program. This is to keep off fraudulent gains by people who are lazy and do not want to work. Failure to report any income during this period is fraud and criminal. The unemployment benefits are not a shortcut to earning without working, but a guide to re-employment. The application process is easy and fast.


How can I apply for unemployment benefits in Maryland?

You can submit an online application or make a call to your local unemployment claims center. The process requires filling and submitting an initial claim form and filing a weekly claim certification.

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