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What do partial checks mean in PA unemployment? (All you need to know)

What do partial checks mean in PA unemployment? (All you need to know)

Sometimes, people who are on partial employment can qualify for unemployment benefits. In this case, they receive partial checks,unlike those who are fully unemployed.

When one is eligible as a part-time worker, they do not receive benefits as a full-time unemployed eligible person does. In Pennsylvania, partial payment is determined by one’s partial benefit credit. The state follows the guidelines of eligibility for partial unemployment benefits, as we shall see below.

What does partial check mean in PA unemployment?

Partial employment means that the recipient or claimant is working 20 hours or less in a week and is earning a gross weekly salary that is less than the weekly benefits amount. A situation where one is retained by the employer in the condition that the working hours are significantly slashed is eligible for partial checks. Partial checks are monetary benefits given to people in the situations above. They are called partial because they contain deductions based on the weekly part-time earnings declared in the weekly or bi-weekly certification.

Who is eligible for PA partial checks?

You are eligible if you are in an employment situation where your full-time hours are reduced. The initiative to reduce working hours must come from the employer. This means that the reduction should have nothing to do with you or your actions. Another scenario is where an employee is separated from a job and obtains part-time work elsewhere with fewer hours. This person can successfully apply for unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania. However, the reasons behind the changes in employment status should not be the fault of the employee.

The earnings are declared based on when they were earned and not when they were paid. When you apply for partial employment benefits, you become available for work, and the state expects you to be actively looking for a job. However, you must complete your part-time employer’s hours to avoid delay in payments or denial altogether.

How to obtain partial checks for PA unemployment?

The maximum amount per week (Weekly benefits rate) in this state is $572 without dependents and $580 with dependents. The unemployment benefits last for 26 weeks. Payment is calculated based on the partial benefits credit. The PBC is usually 30% of the weekly benefits rate. A partial employee can make a claim online or via phone.

Online applications are open 24/7 on the PA unemployment benefits website. If you decide to use the phone, you should use the toll-free number 1-888-313-7284. The process is similar whether you go the website way or the phone way. For American Sign Language users, the state offers a videophone service, and it is available every Wednesday from 12 noon to 4 pm at 717-704-8474.


Partial checks are given to people whose part-time status is not their fault. If you quit your job and secure part-time employment, you will be ineligible for the benefits. Applications can be made immediately after the change of employment status.


Should I file a weekly certification when obtaining partial checks in PA?

Yes, you should. This is a requirement and a week runs from Sunday to Saturday.

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