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How To Claim Unclaimed Unemployment Benefits In Maryland – Everything You Need To Know

How To Claim Unclaimed Unemployment Benefits In Maryland – Everything You Need To Know

If you failed to claim unemployment benefits on time in Maryland, you could claim them online. Start by contacting the claim center via phone to request for the period that you did not claim the unemployment benefits. You can then claim the benefits online. 

The unemployment insurance program in Maryland sets certain conditions that people who have lost their jobs must comply with. If you are one of them, you should understand that the duration to claim unemployment benefits is limited. If you fail to claim the benefits within the set duration, there is a way you can claim them in Maryland. Read on to learn everything regarding this.

Is it possible to claim unclaimed unemployment benefits?

According to the guidelines of the Department of Labor in Maryland, you should file for unemployment as soon as you get laid off. You should do this within a few weeks or days. Sometimes, it is not possible to claim unemployment benefits right away. This has happened to a lot of people due to different reasons.

For instance, the website may crash as you try to claim unemployment benefits, or you may keep on calling the state officials without any luck. Since many people experience this problem, The Department of Labor in the state is a bit lenient since it gives you an opportunity to claim unclaimed unemployment benefits.

How to achieve this 

The Division of Unemployment Insurance in Maryland states that you can claim unclaimed unemployment benefits online. It offers this chance to ensure that you get the full benefit amount that you are eligible for. The process of claiming unclaimed benefits in this state is fast and easy since you can do everything from your computer.

Start by getting in touch with the claim center via telephone and request unemployment benefits for the period that you were not able to submit the claim on time. You can then file for unclaimed unemployment benefits online.

Note that you can only claim the unclaimed unemployment benefits during working hours, which is between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays. 

Here is a brief summary of the above

What can make you not claim unemployment benefits on timeNot getting through to the officials on time, the website crashing, not having access to a computer
How to claim unclaimed unemployment benefitsCall the claim center, then file the claim online
How long do you have to get the benefits?If the Division of Labor finds you eligible, you should get the benefits in a week.


Though the Division of Labor in Maryland sets a time period for claiming unemployment benefits, you can still claim them if you don’t do this on time. The process of claiming unemployment payments is straightforward since you only need to contact the claim center, make your request known then file the claim online.


Is the period to collect unemployment benefits ever extended?

Yes. Though the eligibility to collect these benefits in Maryland expires after a couple of weeks, this is sometimes extended, especially during high unemployment rates.

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