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Can you work and still receive unemployment benefits in Maryland? (Working hours Earnings + more)

Can you work and still receive unemployment benefits in Maryland? (Working hours Earnings + more)

This can be confusing since these benefits are called unemployment benefits, but it’s possible to receive them when employed. However, the type of employment and earnings will determine if you are eligible or not.

When filing for unemployment, you can be fully unemployed or partially employed. There are exceptions that the state of Maryland looks at and gives benefits to people who are already working. If you are a part-time worker, you can be eligible for unemployment benefits, but there are requirement is that you need to meet as we shall see below.

Can you work and still receive unemployment benefits in Maryland?

Yes, you can. If you were a full-time worker whose hours have been reduced, you can collect unemployment. The reasons for partial unemployment should not be your fault. This means that your employer has cut your hours instead of completely laying you off. This system is called work sharing or short-time compensation. This system mutually benefits the employer who doesn’t have to go through fresh recruitment and lose a skilled workforce. The employee will still have an income and retain retirement benefits while still being eligible for UI. In this program, the state will consider you available for work.

How many hours should you work to qualify for unemployment benefits in Maryland?

A part-time worker is someone who is restricted to working on a part-time basis. The least working hours are 20 per week. Although you are still attached to your employer, you must be fully available for work and be actively looking for employment. You must, however, work all your hours at the part-time job.

If you fail to meet this requirement, you are likely to get delays or denial at the UI Center. You need to find a part-time job if you aren’t already in one to qualify for partial unemployment benefits. The job must be in a labor market with s reasonable demand for part-time workers.

How much should you be earning to qualify to collect unemployment in Maryland?

A partial employee who earns less gross weekly earnings that are less than the claimant’s weekly benefits amount is eligible for unemployment benefits. Weekly earnings should be $50 minimum to $430 maximum. This is the amount the state allows depending on one’s base period income.

Can I collect unemployment if I go back to work?

No, you can’t. After you gain meaningful employment either with your former boss or a new boss, you are no longer eligible. However, you can still claim your benefits for the weeks you were unemployed even while still working. When you get a job, you must report your income to the State Employment Development Department. As mentioned earlier, you can only continue to benefit if your working hours have been reduced through no fault of your own.


People can still work and file for unemployment, but they must be restricted to part-time work by circumstances beyond them. Collecting unemployment should not be done by a full-time worker as this results in fraud.


How do partial workers qualify for unemployment benefits?

They qualify if it’s not their fault that they are restricted to part-time work.

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