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What is EDD unemployment? – Everything You Need to Know

What is EDD unemployment? – Everything You Need to Know

The abbreviations EDD stand for Employment Development Department. It is a department of the government in California that provides paid family leave programs, disability insurance, and unemployment insurance.

The purpose of EDD is to enhance California’s economic growth by providing valuable and innovative services that help job seekers, workers, and employers get training and jobs, navigate through a period of unemployment and connect potential employees, respectively. Individuals out of work or have their working hours reduced can get assistance from EDD when they make claims. EDD will assist you if you cannot get an income due to unemployment, disability or family leave.

What programs does EDD offer?

State disability insurance and family leave

The state disability program enables you to get an income when you are not able o work due to childbirth, pregnancy, injury, or illness. Additionally, you also qualify for such benefits if you are unable to work because you are taking care of a seriously ill family member, taking care and bonding with a newborn or adopted child, and when you cannot be able to work because you are participating in events when a family member has been deployed to a foreign country.

Unemployment insurance

This program is meant for those with no employment or whose employment income is reduced to a level that cannot sustain them. Under the program, there are several types of claims. The types of claims include regular unemployment insurance, pandemic unemployment assistance, unemployment compensation for federal employees, and Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Service Members. Additionally, if you are from another state and moved to California, you can make an interstate claim or a combined wage when you have worked for more than one state.

Jobs and training

The major role of this program is to assist the job seeker in their quest to get a job. EDD has excellent information on available jobs and has made numerous connections with employers. If you seek a job, EDD can connect you with a potential employer. Additionally, they can assist you in getting the necessary training to qualify for more jobs.

Collection of Payroll taxes

The EDD department collects payroll taxes from employers and employees. The employer pays unemployment insurance and employment training tax, while the employee pays the state disability insurance and personal income tax. The funds collected are used whenever an employee is out of work and has no income. Also, the employment training tax is used by EDD to offer training to enable unemployed people to fit in the available employment opportunities.

Provision of labor market information

One of the major roles of EDD is to conduct research on the labor market and provide relevant information to the people of California. The report helps citizens and employers understand the economy and labor market dynamics, enabling them to make informed decisions. Some of the information provided by the department are reports and statistical data on wages, employment projection, occupations, labor forces, industries, and economic data.


The EDD is a crucial department because it provides services that enable you to navigate challenging times when you have no employment income easily. The department’s information can help you in decision-making as an employer or employee.


  • Can you claim if you are from another state?

Yes, EDD has interstate claims that allow you to claim if you have moved from another state to California.

  • Do employers know how much I get in PFL and DI benefits?

They can only know if you provide written permission to EDD.

  • How does one qualify for unemployment benefits?

If you are out of work and have previously been paying disability insurance and personal income tax—é

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