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How to cancel an unemployment claim-Everything you need to know

How to cancel an unemployment claim-Everything you need to know

When you finally get a great job after weeks of filing for unemployment benefits, you can stop by stopping to certify. In Maryland, you can simply stop filing for your weekly certification or call a live agent to cancel. Other states will, however require a written request. The only way to know what is required is to check your EDD website. 

After a successful unemployment benefits application, one is required to file a weekly certification to allow the department of unemployment assistance to successfully honor your claim. The UI program as it’s commonly known is a guide to re-employment, and one is only eligible if they are actively looking for a job. When one finally lands a good job, the benefits are no longer necessary unless you want to commit fraud. As a responsible citizen, you need to stop claiming these benefits.

How to Cancel an Unemployment claim

The process is easier than the application process. All you need to do is stop filling out your weekly certification. In Maryland, you can sign in to your BEACON portal or use the mobile app to cancel the claim. In most states, the claim automatically closes after a certain period of inactivity. You do not require to write a direct notice to the unemployment agency. However, some states like Pennsylvania require an immediate report to the agency once one starts a new job.

You can also make a written request to the employment development department or call a live agent. When you apply and are successful, you are required to fill out a weekly certification. When you stop filing, the state will stop giving you the benefits and your claim will be closed.

Once you get a job, you are no longer eligible, and it’s a good time to stop claiming the benefits. You can also contact the Employment Development Department immediately and have your claim canceled. You can also sign in to your BEACON claimant portal and click on the envelope icon. Follow the prompts and cancel it online. If you opt to make a call, make sure to call during operating hours. In most states, the hours are between 8 am to 5 pm.

When can I cancel my claim?

You can only cancel if your claim is still active. You cannot cancel after collecting unemployment benefits. You can only cancel once you stop filling out the weekly forms and stopped receiving the benefits. You may also cancel if a notice of determination has not been sent or mailed to you. If you get a part-time job, you are still eligible for benefits. The only difference is that you will now get partial unemployment benefit. If you opt to call your agent, only do so during working hours as stated on the Maryland Division of Unemployment website. Once you close your claim, you can open a new one at a later date.

If you continue filling weekly certifications, your claim will continue being active. However, you might be denied eligibility if you fill in the correct information after you get a job. Your journey to stop claiming these benefits starts on your first day at work. In a nutshell, you can cancel your UI if you haven’t collected or have not been disqualified.

Do I need to write a notice if I want to cancel my claim?

This all boils down to your state. In some states, a written notice is mandatory, failure to which can lead to future ineligibility. This is not a requirement in Maryland. In states like Michigan, you must submit a written withdrawal request explaining why you want to cancel your claim. This is done on paper or through the state claimant portal. Most states require one to seize submitting weekly or bi-weekly certification forms or simply become inactive. The state automatically stops giving you benefits.


Unemployment benefits are meant to be temporary, and most run for 26 weeks after which you are reviewed for eligibility again. If you have secured employment and you no longer require the benefits, it is best to stop collecting. What can happen if you don’t top collecting? You become a fraud, and an audit can easily expose you and incur hefty penalties and fines on you.


How do I cancel my unemployment benefits in Maryland?

You can do so by calling a live agent and requesting to cancel. Only call during working hours for effectiveness.

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