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How To Apply For Unemployment In Maryland – Step By Step Guide

How To Apply For Unemployment In Maryland – Step By Step Guide

Create a new claimant account, then complete the registration. Specify the payment method and fill in your work details. You should then answer the eligibility questions and upload your income tax forms. After this, you can wait for the agency to determine your eligibility.

If you are in Maryland and unemployed, you may receive unemployment benefits. The department of labor in this state offers unemployment insurance to those who qualify. To benefit from the unemployment insurance program, you first have to apply. We will take you through the application step by step. Read on!

Step 1: Register an account 

You first need to open a claimant account. You can do this at the Division of Unemployment insurance Beacon system in the state. To create an account, you have to offer your personal information and create a username for your account. You should also set up security questions. Offer an effective date for the benefit claim. This refers to the first day of the week you file for benefits.

Step 2: Complete the registration process

Once you have offered the basic details, you can complete the claimant registration by offering more information, such as your mailing and physical addresses. You will also be asked for the dates and address of your former employer.

Ensure you provide accurate details to increase the chances of getting unemployment benefits and prevent your claim from being delayed. You should also provide demographic information.

State whether you were working in Maryland or not or if you are part of the military.

Explain why the job ended. The unemployment insurance program can give you financial support if, for instance, you lost your job due to the global pandemic. If you filed a similar claim in a different state, do not forget to include this information as you apply for unemployment in Maryland.

Step 3: Pick the payment method

You can get unemployment insurance benefits through paper checks or debit cards. You should therefore specify the payment method you prefer to get the financial support. Once you apply for unemployment, you should wait for a debit card which will be sent to your email within the next 10 working days. You can use this card to withdraw cash or make some purchases. The card comes with certain instructions on how to use it.

The amount of money issued through this program varies based on the status of an individual and jurisdiction. While some people only get funds that only cover their basic needs, others get the money that can compensate for the lost time. This amount may be proportional to their previous earned salary.

Once you specify the payment method, you should complete the disclosure agreement.

The funds to pay unemployment benefits are from a payroll tax that is paid by workers or employers. Since unemployment insurance benefits are considered taxable income, you can pick from the withholding options available.

Step 4: Provide work details

To increase your chances of getting these benefits, you should prove that you are in the process of looking for another job. As you apply for these benefits, specify whether you are a union member looking for employment. Specify your occupation and then specify the periods of employment in certain places during the past one and a half years. Do not forget to explain why the job ended.

Step 5: Eligibility

After this, you now have to answer certain eligibility questions. Though many people apply for unemployment, not everyone receives these benefits. If you are currently self-employed, prepare to answer more eligibility questions.

Step 6: Upload tax income forms 

For self-employed or independent contractors, you should be ready to upload tax documents that can verify your income. You may also be asked more about your tax filings.

Step 7: Wait for approval

Once you have applied for unemployment in Maryland, you can now wait for approval from the agency. The Department of Labor will determine whether you are eligible for the unemployment benefits or not.

The information you need before applying for unemployment in Maryland

Your details Details on former employer
Mailing addressPhone number
Phone numberAddress of the workplace
EmailThe first and last day you worked with them
Social security numberReasons for leaving


Due to tough economic conditions and the high rate of unemployment, different states, including Maryland, introduced a program known as unemployment insurance benefits. This could help you receive some cash if you were employed but lost your job for reasons that were not your fault.


When will I receive unemployment benefits?

If you qualify, you may receive your first check after three weeks of applying.

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