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Who is eligible for unemployment in Maryland? Requirement you need to know

Who is eligible for unemployment in Maryland? Requirement you need to know

If you are unemployed in Maryland, you may be considered eligible for unemployment benefits. You can only get the benefits if your unemployment is not your fault, if you received certain minimum wages before your unemployment, and if you are able, available and actively seeking work.

Maryland’s Division of Unemployment insurance under the Department of Labor provides unemployment insurance benefits for temporary financial assistance to workers who become unemployed. You can only be eligible for these benefits if you meet certain requirements. We will outline the requirements, how to maintain your eligibility, and other detailed information.

Who is eligible for unemployment insurance?

The following are the requirements to meet for the insurance to be available to you.

  • You must have worked in Maryland for at least the past 12 months.
  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own.

How your unemployment could be your fault

  • If you resign from your work voluntarily without credible reason.
  • If you are fired due to a lack of skills. This does not however automatically disqualify you from unemployment insurance.
  • If you are fired due to misconduct. The misconduct could be simple, gross, or aggravated. Depending on the category you will have to meet certain extra requirements to be considered eligible.
  • You must have a minimum amount of wages when you were employed based on Maryland’s guidelines
  • You must be able and available to work and actively seeking work.

How unemployment works

In the event that you are unemployed, you could get a weekly benefit amount that translates to the amount you earned from your previous employment during a certain period. The amount is calculated by dividing the sum you earned during your highest quarter and dividing it by 26. The amount is then rounded off to the lowest whole dollar.

The amount could go up to 400$ depending on the number of dependents and other factors. Unemployment benefits could last for at most 26 weeks but in a few cases, you might be offered an extension through the federal extension program only if it is available.

How to maintain your eligibility 

Once you qualify as eligible for the unemployment benefits you need to do the following to maintain your eligibility.

  • Actively seek work each week you are collecting the benefits.
  • File timely weekly claims while on unemployment and report all money earned
  • Accept any applicable job offers that could earn you income.


The unemployment insurance offered by Maryland’s Division of Labor is made available only after the mandatory requirements are met. The bottom line is that you should be unemployed and seeking work otherwise the department has ensured that being eligible is as simple as it gets.


Can I collect unemployment in Maryland while working part-time?

Yes, you can. If you are working less time than your regular hours you could file a claim that makes you eligible for partial unemployment benefits. This however only works if the circumstances are favored by your benefit rights. 

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