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Can you reapply for a new EDD Unemployment claim in Maryland? (Eligibility, Process+ More)

Can you reapply for a new EDD Unemployment claim in Maryland? (Eligibility, Process+ More)

If you had previously applied for unemployment benefits in the past, you can still open a new claim at the Employment Development Department. There are eligibility requirements that will be considered when applying for a new claim.

An unemployment Insurance claim is temporary and goes for 52 weeks in Maryland. You can apply for a new claim after this period. Life is unpredictable, and you might have secured employment only to lose it again. You can still apply if your period from the last claim has expired.

Who is eligible to reapply for a new EDD Unemployment Claim in Maryland?

A person who is partially or fully unemployed at the time of application is eligible. However, you must have made enough wages in your base period. The base period is usually four full quarters of a previous year. A person fired from employment due to their fault cannot be eligible. You must have been dismissed or laid off for reasons beyond you. For example, a company can lay off employees.

If you had been laid off, applied for benefits, got employment, and got laid off a second time, you can reapply for benefits. A new EDD can only apply to someone whose previous claim has expired. If it hasn’t expired, you will be required to reactivate the existing one. A claim expires after 52 weeks.

How to reapply for a new EDD unemployment Claim in Maryland

If you are reapplying, this means that you already have a BEACON account. This is the same account you will use to reapply. You will need to log in first with your previous log-in details. The next step is to click the ‘Apply Benefits’ button on the homepage and follow the instructions.

However, you cannot complete the reapplication process on the mobile app. You can reapply via phone by calling the Unemployment Benefits Center on 667-207-6520. After a claim is opened, any subsequent opening is termed as reopening and not reapplying before the end of 52 weeks.

What happens when one reapplies for Unemployment Claim in Maryland?

If your claim is approved, the next step is to start filing your weekly certification. The process is similar to applying for a new claim. You will be required to fill certifications for weeks starting on Sunday from 12:01 am to Sunday at 11:59 pm ET. One can appeal a denied claim within 15 days.


Reapplying for a new EDD unemployment benefits claim is the same as applying for a new claim. The only difference is that you will already have a BEACON 2.0 account. You can reapply if you got employment only for your working hours to get reduced for reasons beyond you. In this case, you will get partial checks, which are calculated based on your Partial benefits amount.


Is reopening a claim the same as reapplying for a claim in Maryland?

No. Reopening is activating an existing and unexpired claim while reapplying is starting the application afresh.

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