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What does it mean to backdate an unemployment claim in Maryland? (Meaning, process + more)

What does it mean to backdate an unemployment claim in Maryland? (Meaning, process + more)

Unemployment can be devastating, therefore it is comforting to know that one can apply for an unemployment claim from the date they lost their job.

Backdating an employment claim refers to paying unemployment claims to eligible claimants from the date of unemployment and not from the date the claim was made. Therefore for example, if someone was laid off on 20th July 2020, and applied for benefits on August of the same year, they will be eligible for unemployment benefits from 20th July 2020 and not August 2020.

What does backdating an unemployment claim mean?

This means that someone is eligible to receive unemployment benefits from the date of them being laid off, and not from the date they made the claim. The date of making the claim is backdated to the date of retrenchment.

What is the process of applying for and backdating an unemployment claim in Maryland?

Applying for unemployment claims can be done via the official unemployment benefits website for the state of Maryland at It can also be done via phone call. One can call a claim center that covers their area via the numbers that are listed on the official Maryland state website or by submitting their application online via the official website, which is available 24 hours 

Claimants are eligible for unemployment benefits right after the date of unemployment, and not the day the claim is made, which is where backdating applies. To know one’s eligibility will be determined upon application. The applicant needs to have been employed and receive sufficient earnings during the standard base period. The standard base period is 12 months made of the first four quarters of the last five completed calendar quarters, before the date you apply for the benefit. This means that if you apply for the claim in March, your standard base period will be from October 1 of the prior year to September 30 of the current year.

If not eligible via the standard base period, an alternative period can be sought, which consists of four of the most recently completed calendar quarters preceding the year the claimant will receive their benefits. For example, if you claim on August 2020, eligibility will be determined using the quarterly earnings from August 1 2019 to July 2020.

The claims take a maximum of three weeks to complete, and the claimant will be paid weekly depending on the wages they received during the standard base period or the alternative period. After the processing, the claimant will receive a determination of monetary eligibility document in the mail, which includes a list of their base period employment and the amount they were receiving while employed.


Unemployment can be a devastating event. It is great news to know that one can still get sustainable pay to cushion them while they look for their next source of income.


How long does it take to process and gain an unemployment claim in Maryland?

Usually, it takes three weeks. However, at times delays may happen which increases the time taken.

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