I applied for benefits over a year ago

I applied for benefits over a year ago. After some time my case was approved/moved forward and I received 1 payment for 1 week of unemployment. After that pay out my case went back into “Pending” status and I have to received anything since or heard of any progress in my cae. It has now been 6 monthes since I was initially paid and approaching a year and 1/2 that my case has been open. I call every week and my case gets “escaleted” – which means absolutely nothing! How can these people say they are doing their jobs? Im ready to work – how about I come take the job(s) these people are pretending to do. Totally unacceptable for a state/government agency in the United States!


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  1. Yup. I applied for UI during the peak of covid bc my then company outsourced our jobs to Mexico so they did 3 rounds of mass layoff. It took maybe 200 calls, emails, etc and nothing. By then it was already almost 5 months of me trying to apply. Eventually I told the dep of labor that I was gonna gather all the major news outlets in the dmv to expose how shitty their UI system is. Lo and behold the very next day I got a call back from UI saying my case was moving on to the final step. Waited another 2 weeks and nothing, so I ended up emailing every single senator I could find as a last resort for help. After a couple days I got an email back from one of the senator’s assistant, who was able to help get my case sorted our in that same week, and I started to get m weekly pay into my direct deposit. Senator Chris Van Hollen was the ONLY one who helped me and got my UI through. Please email him and ask for assistance, hopefully you’ll get lucky like I did